Family Thrift Stores

Long before re-cycling became fashionable, The Salvation Army was operating Family Thrift Stores across the country. Gently used articles of clothing and household items with previous experience that had outlived their usefulness in one setting were donated to The Salvation Army, who then made them available at low prices to other individuals and families through our Family Thrift Stores.

This really is a win-win situation made possible by the generosity and support of countless donors like yourselves.

Clothing and household items with residual value and life span are diverted from landfill sites. Low cost clothing and household items are a great help to economically-minded bargain hunters, with The Salvation Army using the proceeds from the Thrift Stores to provide local community based programs and to assist individuals and families in a variety of ways.

What to some may be a bag of used clothing, or a box of used dishes, is to someone else a window of hope and opportunity.

Thank you for your support of our Thrift Stores through your kind donations!